1) First and foremost, this thing is MUCH quieter than our old Electric Pump. Hence, why we dubbed it, “The Hush Pump”
2) Finally, a pressure release button RIGHT ON the display. This is great to release a small amount of pressure when trying to reach your desired number.
3) Smaller hand profile; easier to handle; matte finish for a better grip.
4) Comes with (Two feet of tubing and a male coupler, and the pump unit of course.)
5) On/Off button for accurate pressure readings
6) Auto shut off feature. (Once fully depressurized the unit will shut off after 5 seconds)
7) Battery operated. (requires 4 AAA batteries)
8) LED display uses MBARS (Millibars) for gauging pressure. (Up to 355MBARS which equals about 10.5 in.Hg’s) Our Deluxe Pump measures in “in.Hg” (Inch of Mercury)

Check out the YT video I made about the product here: The Hush Pump

With ALL that said, I recommend this pump for more experienced users and DO NOT recommend this pump for Vulva, Clit, Trans Masc and TWO STAGE cylinders. cylinders. Mainly, because it PULLS AIR FAST. And if you are not expecting this or used to it it can be surprising to say the least! For the Two Stager, since it maxes out at 10.5 HGs, it can become difficult to pull all the air out of such a large cylinder. I do not recommend this pump if you pump to pressure levels past 10.5HGs or are using a large diameter cylinder.