Penis Enlargement Alternatives

You’ve seen other methods that claim to lead to male enhancement and enlarge your penis. We present the facts about these programs and the dangers associated with each of them. We’ll explore how each works and relate the possible side effects that could affect you.

Weight Hanging

One of the oldest concepts for penis enlargement in use today. The idea is to stretch the penis so that it grows.  There are numerous brands out there that make devices to help with this concept. One of my favorite brands out there is MaleHanger. Check them out. They make quality products in the U.S. just like we do here at L.A. Pump! Used in conjunction with pumping; you can generate some good gains using both methods together.

Penile Surgery

Even with today’s advances in medical technology, this procedure is still one of the most dangerous and unsafe methods of penis enlargement. In our research, we were astounded by the failure rate. The neurological and cosmetic after-effects make surgery the least desirable option of all.

In some cases, the surgery resulted in an actual decrease in penis size. We feel it necessary to point out the dangers of penis surgery. The risks are so high; it shouldn’t ever be considered an option, except in extreme cases. One of the procedures to make the penis thicker is to inject fat into the penis. The body usually absorbs most of the fat, making it ineffective. The risk of infection is always present during these surgeries.

There are many surgical procedures that can be performed on the penis. Snipping of ligaments, fat transfer method, dermal graft augmentation. All of these involve high risk and little chance of success. Literally dozens of negative side effects usually occur during surgery. Deformity, Excessive scarring, and nerve damage are possible. The cost is excessive. The risks are monumental. Besides the physical dangers, if the surgery fails, the psychological risks do not warrant this as a viable option for penis enlargement.

Some of the problems with surgery

  1. Loss of erect upward angle of the penis
  2. Keloid scars (a thick scar)
  3. Scarring causing a shorter penis
  4. Absorption of the allograft dermal matrix graft with loss of thickness
  5. Skin incision separation
  6. Bleeding
  7. Fibrosis of superficial vein
  8. Infection
  9. Ecchymosis (bruising)
  10. Nerve injury resulting in decrease of penile sensation
  11. Edema (temporary swelling of the skin)
  12. Seroma (collection of serum under skin)
  13. Erectile dysfunction (difficulty with erection)
  14. If some of these complications occur, further surgery may be required

Cutting the penis, in all of it’s forms, is never safe and usually results in irreversible damage.


Pills can be found most anywhere these days. They usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones such as testosterone that claim to enlarge the penis. Pills or capsules that offer to enlarge your penis are offered by a variety of manufacturers. The theory behind many of them is that the blend will increase blood flow to your erect penis therefore enhancing its size.

There may however be a placebo effect i.e. a psychological effect of making the user think he has a larger penis, and increasing his confidence, when there is no actual change to his penis size. Some people have also reported that such pills make them feel sexually aroused, and give them harder erections, but again, without any actual growth of the penis.

Pills are often cheap to manufacture (pennies per pill), and may contain mold, yeast, dangerous E. coli bacteria, pesticides, and lead.  There have also been reports of “heavy fecal contamination”, possibly from animals grazing near the plants harvested for herbal ingredient.

Jelqing (Manual Techniques/Exercises)

This is a method intended to enlarge the penis by increasing the blood pressure in the penis, with the goal of permanently increasing the maximum erect size of the penis. This technique, also called “milking”, involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them away from one’s body to force blood into the glans, thus encouraging more vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues. Whether jelqing actually works or not is a subject of controversy.

Risks that exist from this exercise are; burst blood vessels, sometimes causing bleeding from the urethra (which can lead to infection and other complications if not taken care of), and temporary erectile dysfunction.