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    Side view of the Anal Rosebud cylinder. Showing its total overall length. Top view of Anal Rosebud cylinder showing how the probe is affixed to the cylinder.
    Our Anal Pump Cylinder consists of a small diameter cylinder with a rod running down the center and extending outside the cylinder. You lube the rod and the end of the cylinder (use a good thick lube to provide a good seal), slide the rod into your anus until the end of the cylinder presses against your anus, and start to pump!
    • Available in only one size.  It is 6.5" long and 3" in diameter, and the rod is 10" long and 1" thick.
    • May be difficult to use this cylinder is very difficult to use by yourself. It is much easier to use with a partner.
    NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.)
  • Front view of Medium Vulva Cylinder Front view of Large Vulva Cylinder
    Our Vulva Cylinder is hand crafted in the U.S.A and made of the finest, industrial strength crystal clear acrylics. The latest rage... swollen lips! These are the lower "love lips"... the labia and vulva. And this is just what everyone's been looking for! These are designed for comfort and long life usage!
    • Three sizes available
    • Tapered toward the top to match the natural shape of your anatomy for maximum comfort
    • State-the-art air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder.
    • No gaskets are required.
    Through a strong vacuum, you can increase the amount of blood flow to your vagina. Due to different physical makeup's you may need to adjust the cylinder so you can get a tight seal around your vaginal area. NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.) These cylinders are not returnable, so size them carefully.
  • Front view of one breast cylinder Front view of all four sizes of breast cylinders. From largest to smallest.
    Please note, this product is sold in pairs Our Breast Enlargement Cylinders are a great and natural way to increase your breast size. We suggest that you purchase a buddy T-hose connector to pump the breast at the same time with the same amount of pressure. The breast pumps will work without the T-connector but we suggest this for ease of use. Available in four (4) sizes only; increase one size at a time to get best results, for example: if you are a B cup now choose our B size, this will help you increase to a C cup, until you attain the very next cup size. Sizing Information
    • Size Small (3 1/2 in at base): Choose this size if you are smaller than an A cup and want to increase to B Cup size
    • Size Medium (3 7/8 in at base): Choose this size if you are a B Cup and want to increase to C Cup size
    • Size Large (4 7/8 in at base): Choose this size if you are a C Cup and want to increase to D Cup size
    • Size X-Large (5 3/4 in at base): Choose this size if you are a D Cup and want to increase to DD Cup size
    NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.)
  • Our Clitoral vacuum cylinders offer intense stimulation and growth potential. Main features:
    • Through suction play, you can enjoy the pleasurable vacuum sensation
    • Temporarily enhances sensitivity for improved sexual play and masturbation
    How it works: With proper use you can enlarge and stimulate your clitoris using our vacuum pump. They utilize the same concept as traditional penis pumps, which have been effective in enlarging penis size, now you can enlarge your clitoris size. The cylinder is crafted from industrial grade clear acrylic. This cylinder uses the same airlock release system as in our penis pumps. Enjoy watching your clitoris grow with proper use. Pumping your clitoris enhances its sensitivity and can be a lot of fun for sexual play and masturbation. Clitoris cylinders can also be used to create great stimulation or punishment with higher pressure levels. NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.) The image is a representation of the size range. You will receive (1) Clitoris cylinder when ordering. These cylinders are not returnable, so size them carefully.  All cylinders diameters are INNER DIAMETER measurements
  • The Buddy T-hose Connector creates two vacuum outlets allowing two pumpers to use one pump.  It is also recommended for use with our nipple cylinders.
    • Two can pump with one pump
    • Works with most major manufacturers hand help pumps
    • Pump both nipples at the same time. Many different pumping combinations possible.
    • All connectors retain vacuum INDIVIDUALLY! Easy to put on and use by yourself!
    • Comes with (2) two foot length and (1) one foot length of tubing.
  • Our "Buddy" Double-ended Cylinder has openings on each end so that it can be used by two men at once.
    • Introduce a friend to vacuum pumping
    • A true togetherness and male bonding device
    • Recommended for advanced pumpers
    • Pump connector located in the middle of the clear plastic cylinder
    NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.)
  • Female coupler with recessed o ring for cylinders Pair of Female couplers with recessed o ring for cylinders. Second couplers showing the recessed o ring
    This female coupler is designed with a threaded end. This connector screws into the top of our cylinders.

    PLEASE be careful in choosing the right replacement coupler for your cylinder. Double check what you currently are using. The thread sizes ARE different for these so if you purchase the wrong style, it will not fit into your cylinder. 

    This item is sold individually.
  • Female to male transgender cylinder next to a water bottle to show its height. Female to male transgender cylinder.
    This cylinder is available in three lengths. Inside diameter of 1.25"
  • Front view of Isolator cylinder showing its overall total length. Another angle of the Isolator cylinder showing the penis shaft portion of the cylinder in more detail.
    Our Isolator Cylinder has been designed with separate chambers for your penis and balls, with different levels of vacuum pressure, pulling your penis up and out, and pulling your testicles away from the body. This special cylinder is made with three chambers and two valves. The most important measurement is for the penis chamber, in order for this cylinder to work to its fullest, you must be able to fill the penis chamber from side wall to side wall. This cylinder will not fit if you are less than seven inches in total erect length and have a penis and ball circumference of ten inches or above. Also, our Silicone Cylinder Cusion does not fit on this cylinder. The opening for this cylinder is ALWAYS 3" I.D.  After you fill the penis chamber a second valve allows for adjusting of pressure in the chamber filled with your testicles, when pressure is increased in the testicle chamber it pulls your testicles forward pulling them away from the body. Measurements will be provided at checkout. This special cylinder will take up to 7 business days to manufacture! NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. (The hose is included with the pump.)
  • Male coupler with barbs on one end and oring on the other plastic barbed male coupler shown in pairs
    Our male coupler is designed for use with our hand pumps. This coupler has a barbed end for attaching to vinyl tubing. Used with hand pumps, this barbed-end connector fits our vinyl tubing (sold separately). Push in coupler to attach the pump hose to the female coupler on a cylinder - works with most major manufacturers cylinders
  • Replacement tubing for our vacuum pumps (priced by the foot)  Double check the metal barb end for diameter size if you are replacing tubing for a pump that is not our brand. Inner diameter for our Deluxe pump tubing is 3/16" Inner diameter for our Basic pump tubing is 1/4" Update quantity in the shopping cart for each additional foot.
  • Close up shot of the silicone cylinder cushion showing its opening Silicone Cylinder Cushion on a cylinder to show how it fits and does not change the inner diameter of the cylinder.
    Our Silicone Cylinder Cushion is designed specifically for our penis cylinders, made to cushion the bottom of the cylinders while pumping, and provides the best seal while pumping at any pressure. It will not change the inner diameter of your cylinder. This item works especially well for men with heavy public hairs who do not want to trim the area for pumping. Made of high quality, medical grade silicone. Please note: This cushion currently ONLY fits cylinders sized 1.5" to 2.75" in diameter and only fits our penis cylinders.  The product does not work with Elliptical or Thickwalled Cylinders.  Here is a video link to show how place the cushion onto the cylinder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2SO35XsogM&feature=youtu.be Not for use with Vaginal, Breast or Nipple Cylinders and anything over 2.75" in diameter as well.


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